Breast implant Maintenance : Everything You Need to know

Breast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic procedure all over the world. Women of different ages choose to undergo the treatment to gain back her self-confidence and get the perfect figure she always wanted. This guide will help you understand the maintenance of breast implants.

Breast augmentation surgery is becoming very popular because of the desired results women can get. However, it is important to keep in mind that no breast implant is going to last forever. In some cases, they can last for 10 years or maybe 25 years. To get the proper benefits of the breast implant, given below are some maintenance tips as suggested by our cosmetic surgeon.

When is the ideal time to replace implants?

Implants can be replaced for different reasons. For the saline implant, you need to get it replaced once it has started deflating. Also, saline implants can leak after 20 to 25 years.

The older silicone implant needs to be replaced when they have started to get hard or ruptured.

Additionally, the capsular contracture needs to be replaced when it has squeezed or shrunk. Due to this, the breast can get hard. However, the capsular contracture rate and rupture rate in a silicone implant are low, but still, you must keep a check on them.

A regular visit with the surgeon

A breast implant is low maintenance, but you must get yourself monitored after the surgery. Make sure you go for regular follow-up visits. If there is any problem, the surgeon can let you know right away. Ideally, you need to visit for a follow-up after one year.

Need to get MRIs

With naked eyes, it is difficult to detect the ruptures. FDA has recommended that women who have undergone the breast augmentation procedure should get the MRI after 3 years of getting the implant. The MRI will help to detect the implant integrity and problems which are not visible with naked eyes.

Every year get Breast Examination

After getting the breast examination very few women visit the surgeon. In most cases, women start living their life and do not bother to go for the MRIs or routine follow up visits.

Well, it is essential to get an annual breast examination to make sure everything is okay.

Early detection can help to avoid replacement

Keep in mind, breast monitoring will help you keep your breast implants healthy for a long time. There are high chances that it will reduce the need for getting a replacement. This is an essential reason that you need to keep up with regular visits with your surgeon.

If any issue or rupture is detected at an early stage then the surgeon will use the non-surgical methods to get it fixed. It is seen that women are not able to notice gradual breast hardening until it’s too late. In such cases, the only option is implant replacement.

Moreover, the implant can slip out in the lower chest – but if it is detected early then non-surgical options can fix it.

No need to get them replaced too often

Many women think that if they had their implants 10 or 25 years back, they should get them replaced. However, the best surgeon recommends not getting them replaced until there is some problem.

For more information, you should schedule your consultation with our surgeon for the best advice and treatment course.