Power to Choose Energy

How You Should Shop For Electricity

If you are looking for the best website to compare various electricity provider plans then let me introduce you to Power to Choose. This website has been officially selected by the public utility commission of Texas. Power to Choose Energy plans are up to date and are constantly being updated.

Since electricity got deregulated in Texas it has really helped home and business owners in saving money in their energy bills.

Factors to consider when shopping for electricity

The deregulation of electricity allowed for many competitors to emerge and with the competition, the consumers benefited heavily as they got to choose from various plans and criteria. Below we will help you in selecting the best electricity plan for you.

Power to Choose Energy

Length of the contract

You can select plans which will keep you locked in for years or you can go with plans which you can renew every month. You should only go with long term plans if you are sure that the rate you are selecting for the plan is not high. On average most consumers select the yearly plan.

Different types of plans

Fixed-Rate Plan

On the selection of this plan, you will be locked in at a fixed energy rate and won’t have to worry about rate fluctuations over the entire duration of the contract. You will be locked in for the period that you select while purchasing the plan and won’t have to worry about that term period. This plan is especially helpful when you are on a tight budget and won’t be able to afford price fluctuations. You also won’t have to keep track on a month to month basis of your plan.

Variable-Rate Plans

This plan is completely opposite of the fixed-rate plan. In this plan, the energy rates will fluctuate every month. If you like to take risks then you can go with this plan as it could help you if the price goes lower for a few months. Although this plan could also turn out to be a disadvantage if the price goes higher instead of lower for some period of time.

This plan doesn’t come with any cancellation fees as you can change this plan any time you want. There is also no contract in this plan.

Renewable Plans

If you choose this plan then you will get electricity from renewable sources only. By selecting this plan you could make a huge impact in reducing your carbon footprint. There are many renewable plans to choose from. You can also choose a certain percentage of electricity you want from renewable sources if you are not sure about it.

Prepaid Plans

As the name suggests you only pay for the amount of electricity that you use and you are not bound by any contract.

As a resident of Texas, you should completely take advantage of the deregulation of electricity. When you look at the energy rates per kWh it might not seem to make much difference, but when you calculate it against your consumption per month then it could make a huge difference. With Power to Choose you will be able to sort through different providers easily.