sell my house

Selling and billing of lands

The word conveyancing means the action of the transporting process from one place to another place or also meant for carrying something from one place to another. There is an another legal meaning that is transferring of one property from one person to another person. The conveyance can be of two types namely deed and lease. The conveyance deed meant the own property of one person is giving to another person in the reason of gift, exchange and mortgage of immovable property. Nowadays the conveyance of selling land plays a major role in a country. The conveyancing process of sell my house is as follows the procedure. As the peoples are very eager to buy a land in a low cost with al facilities like water facility, road facility, education facility, transport facility, playing facilities like park, playground, hospital side measures etc.., even they used to see about the facilities like gym for both men and women, shopping markets which is near-by the conveyancing property


sell my house

They also have provided the ‘Article 23’ for the property of conveyancing as they should produce the adaptable certificates or the adaptable documents of immovable property papers to the right able owner. The required documents needed for the way of conveyancing are a document of an heir , a list of members in society registered, certificate of occupation, a certificate for non- agriculture for the separate places or separate plots. And notice copy, registration certificate of notice layout for the separate approval of flat, 7/12 extract. These are the main copies they used to conveyance the piece of land or a piece of a property. These type of rules and regulation is formed because of some of the culprits. These papers are usually used to ready by the lawyer, by paying a separate amount in that case.  The process of theft should not have happened so this type of rules and regulation is formed. As they used to ready two documents of the same copies both the seller and the buyer should be signed in the copies of the paper. For reference, another person who has used a substitute should also use to sign the papers.

Conveyance land

Nowadays the lands using for real estate purposes to build houses, parks, highly preferring malls, companies are used to build a number of buildings around the world and as well as they used to damage agricultural land.  If the field of agriculture is gone even we cannot able to eat whatever may be the food, vegetables and fruits so we should not destroy the agricultural land by selling land to another person to build any construction based on them. Recently they have used to build many houses by destroying forests. If there are no trees we can’t able to breathe, can’t able to get oxygen, can’t able to get rain. To sell these types of conveyance land there is a broker or we used to say them as a dealer.  They used to show many places for their according conveyance, after selecting one place which can be supported in many ways in their accordance. We used to give a separate amount for them as they have helped to visit many conveyance lands. This is the process of conveyancing to buy houses.