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The perfect Options for the Milan Tours

If you love cinema that you could not find elsewhere, try to see what they have on the historic Mexico cinema but also at the small Centrale in via Torino with its two rooms that look like a living room at home. Or at the Belgrade cinema: almost peripheral hall but easily reachable by tram or going down to Pasteur on Line 1 which is absolutely independent and holds high the flag of quality films with a rich and varied program, very attentive to documentaries. For avid film buffs, don’t miss the Oberdan space, the hall of the Milanese film library with its monographic reviews and that of the Interactive Museum of Cinema. For the concerts, there is only the embarrassment of choice, but if you love the “great jazz” makes a jump to the Blue Note in via Borsieri, to the Island. In the milan tours these are the places you essentially need to visit.

Let’s be honest: compared to the rest of Italy in Milan, the brioches for breakfast in any bar are worthless. They are usually defrosted, heated in the microwave as if you were at the autogrill, and if the bar gives off a certain aroma from the past, it is because together with these frozen desserts the wholesalers must necessarily supply an aroma diffuser.

The Finer Options for You

milan tours

Fortunately, there are still places in the city where coffee and croissants at breakfast still make you start the day differently. So you could relax not so much in a place brunchy as in a more traditional and cheap pastry shop. Do not miss Pavé realm of hipster and good leavened sweets, but also historians Taveggia with his choice of 25 types, Gattullo with his Kranz and his Venetian blinds or the little PastiChér. And then you can face the city differently. For example, on Sundays, you can often go free on top of the new headquarters of the Region, Palazzo Lombardia, to see how the city grows. Check the openings.

  • Paris has the Père-Lachaise cemetery, and almost at the age of twenty, almost everyone thought of going there to pay tribute to Jim Morrison. At the Monumental Cemetery in Milan, they are not buried rock star unless you consider those Alessandro Manzoni and Gino Bramieri. But it is one of those ignored places in Milan that deserve a visit, especially now that the works for the subway have ended and the area in front of it has become livable.
  • Designed by the architect Maciachini according to an eclectic style that reconciles Byzantine, Gothic and Romanesque references, it is a miniature city in which funeral kiosks represent a journey through the architecture (and history) of the city.
  • Any Italian city proudly boasts its traditional and local cuisine. In Milan, the fundamental problem is that the nominally most famous dish (the Milanese cutlet, the veal cutlet, with bone, high enough and strictly fried in butter ) is disputed by the Viennese who claim (wrongly) to have invented them, in the form of Wiener Schnitzel, and this generates identity problems. But this does not matter to the tourist, also because in the Milanese cuisine there is something else.

Try the Osso Bucco with the yellow risotto in some of these restaurants recommended by the editorial staff of Fine Dining Lovers. In the Ticinese area the historic Madonnina, count on the 20/25 dollars with a nice pergola for the summer. Furniture designed by Giò Ponti at the ancient trattoria Masuelli-San Marco, in Viale Umbria (, where risotto with ossobuco has been served since 1921, the prices are how to say very Milanese. If you love to explore the non-central areas go to via Forze Armate 405 to the hugely popular (even in prices) tavern alla Grande,  which calls itself “the last stronghold against hamburgers” and if you come in the right evening there are still a few minstrels playing songs in Milan. This is a worthy conclusion for your Milanese weekend.