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Tips to transfer your living room in an indoor playground

Depending on the size of your living room, it is important to delimit a specific space that you assign to your children. The size of this space will also vary depending on the age of your children. The more they grow up they will be able to play quietly in their room. To delimit the space assigned to children, you have several possibilities. Feel free to play with volumes and colors. Now you can click here for the maximum option now.

For example, if your living room allows it you can repaint a piece of wall in a different color and install a matching carpet. To choose the color of the wall in question, use one of two complementary colors in your color palette avoid the neutral base. Thus this child space will integrate perfectly in your living room because the color of the chosen wall will be present as a reminder, small touches, in the rest of your living room. If you want to better understand how to create your color palette, you can read online articles to choose and to associate the colors of its decoration.

Olive Banana and Watermelon

You can also delimit the space for your children by playing with the volumes. For example, you can use a dais already present in a part of your living room, or create one if the space allows you. The space for your children will be clearly identifiable and highlighted in your decoration.

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House side

If you do not have the space to repaint a complete wall or build a platform, you can very easily reserve a corner at the back of the room and arrange it with small cushions and carpets that will make the whole harmonious.


For the youngest there are now very nice mat awakening way knit, which will fit perfectly in your home. If you do not want the children’s space to be too visible in your decoration, here is a tip that can help you. You just need to create this child space behind your couch. If your sofa is leaning against a wall, move it one meter and create the dedicated space at the back. So you can monitor your children while staying quietly coiled on your couch.

Promote storage for children

One of the keys to decoration, as we have already seen, is to have a tidy and orderly interior so that your decoration is harmonious. You will find all my advice in the article: Storage solutions when there is not enough space.

However tidy interior and young children do not necessarily get along well. That is why it is essential to integrate in the children’s space many storage spaces for their toys, books and other soft toys. Bet on practical storage and within reach of your children. For the classic side, one can opt for the traditional toy box. If you have an old chest in your living room you can turn it into a toy chest. Wicker baskets are also a great option for storing your little one’s toys.