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Vest and More for You

Any men’s fur vest is used as an intermediate or upper layer of clothing. Therefore, it is necessary to choose things that are in harmony with the vest. The simplest and most concise option is to choose a kit that has fitted silhouettes. You can also go for the gilet homme original also. This includes:

  • T-shirts
  • Shirts
  • Turtlenecks
  • Blouses without volumetric elements
  • Jeans
  • Leggings, etc

The final set, of course, will depend on the desired image, but if you choose things that repeat the lines of the figure, the illusion of the fullness and congestion of the silhouette is minimized. On the question of how to choose a fur vest, this item becomes especially sharp. Lush long furs are able to increase the visual size of their owner, which is why men with luxurious shapes prefer the choice of products with a short or shorn pile.

gilet homme original

However, despite this feature, vests are perfectly combined with many other, rather voluminous additions: scarves, scarves, sweaters, etc. Street fashion photographs are the most vivid and vivid proof of this.

When buying a new vest, it’s worth highlighting several points.

Question one: how to determine the size of the vest. When choosing a vest, whether it be a fur model, it is worthwhile to clearly define the situations and possible combinations in which a new acquisition will be used. If initially a down vest is planned as a practical option for the demi-season, then it is worth staying on the size in size models. A perfectly fitting waistcoat will not puff up anywhere and emphasize the shape.

However, quite often this element of the wardrobe is used in combination with leather jackets if we talk about fur options and thick sweaters in the colder time of autumn. With such a sock, it is necessary to provide some size margin. Visually, such a solution will not spoil the image, but will practically serve a key role in the issue of thermal comfort. This approach is also relevant to how to choose warm men’s vests correctly.

Question two: the required length. In this paragraph, everything depends solely on the features of the figure. Men of short stature are contraindicated in long vests in combination with a flat sole of shoes, but with a sufficiently high heel, such a choice will look stylish and fresh.

  • For those who need to adjust the silhouette along the hips, a long vest will be a real find. In this case, the option to the knee will be the most optimal length in this case, concealing the relief parts of the figure.
  • Short vests are more practical and allow you to feel freer. They are great for outdoor activities and when driving a car.

The answer to a simple question, how to choose a vest in the fashion world does not have a clear answer. You need to know in what situations the product will be used, and what advantages of a particular figure must be emphasized. Otherwise, this task is a pure experiment and an individual approach. The main thing to remember is that when putting on an inexpensive vest you need to feel comfort and freedom in movement.