rénovation salle de bain

Bathroom Renovation Elemental Choices Now

Take advantage of these tips for choosing your materials and get free quotes. Regarding the rénovation salle de bain this is important now.

A good layout for a complete bathroom around Arras

Professionals are involved in the design of your bathroom so that it is complete and equipped with all the accessories and sanitary possible. We realize your complete bathrooms, from the plumbing to the laying of the floor covering or wall chosen to dress your bathroom, going through your plasterwork. Choose between parquet, anti-slip tiles, earthenware or mosaic. Professionals also install your heating and ventilation systems to ventilate or heat the room.

Thanks to branded manufacturers expert offer quality materials. An expert makes custom bathrooms, turnkey bathrooms of all styles: modern, design, classic. If you have a bathtub and want a shower, experts intervene. If you are a person with reduced mobility, they arrange your bathroom for ease. You do not know what to do in your attic? They can arrange a beautiful bathroom.

Quality sanitary equipment with our professionals

To ensure a quality job, we install various sanitary equipment. Whether you want a shower or a bathtub, you will have to choose the finish you are looking for. A walk-in shower, a shower with a dish square or round, a shower stall, a shower with hydro-massage, a spa bath with many jets, a corner bath or island, why not opt ​​for the combination bath-shower? Let us know your desires and we advise you in your choices.

Professionals also advise you in the choice of your shower screens, your washbasins, your washbasins and even your toilets. Do you want a shower seat, a suspended basin, a suspended toilet? Entrust us your desires.

rénovation salle de bain

The bathroom of your dreams around Arras

Who has not dreamed of having the bathroom of his dreams? Large, spacious and functional. The bathroom must be well chosen. Experts are at your disposal to advise you on your bathroom projects. They make your projects a reality and we guarantee you quality work with a good finish.

Renovating a bathroom involves many points of attention. One of the most important is the budget. Always start determining the budget you have and, depending on the budget, decide on the renovations you will undertake.

Be sure to keep some money in reserve. It is always possible that due to unforeseen circumstances, the costs are higher than what you had originally planned. And it would be regrettable not to be able to pay them, or not be able to finish your renovation work. Also determine if you are going through a contractor, or if you are going to do everything yourself. Note that if you rent the services of a contractor, it will usually cost you more.

Draw a renovation plan

After determining your budget, it’s time to move on to the completion of your bathroom renovation plan. To do this, make an inventory of all appliances and furniture that you want to replace. Draw the plan of your bathroom on a scale of 1 / 50th in order to draw it on an A4 sheet.