Milestones in the development of Italian cinema

The first chapter described the main milestones of the formation and development of Italian cinema, this process did not always go evenly and progressively; it was interesting to update the problems that arose in front of the Italian cinema at that time. In you can find the best choices now.

The origin and history of Italian cinema until 1945

Since the advent of cinema, conquered Italy, conquered popularity among ordinary people. This was facilitated by cheap cinema spectacles, moreover, clear sign language captured all the attention of the temperamental Italians.

The development of Italian cinema took place according to the following scenario:

the first ten years of Italian-made films were a complete imitation of french. Upon completion of this phase, Italy has already there were several major film studios on which already created held directors, cameramen, screenwriters and actors.

Italian cinematography burst into one of the first places in Europe in 1908 thanks to the film “The Last Days of Pompeii” by Luigi Maji, in its success, this picture surpassed all the previous ones.

Italian film shows

The overall development of Italian cinema was due to the influx of artists of various kinds of art (such as literature, painting and theater) in the film industry. This inspired a new art in cinema.

life: attitude to the content of literary and historical has changed sources on which films were created. Application on a par with a scenery of genuine architectural exteriors and interiors, skillful the use of landscapes of the Apennine Peninsula for field shooting.

Towards the end of the first decade of the twentieth century in Italian, the cinema has formed a clear tendency to glorify the past. The new principles described in the previous paragraph greatly simplified and cheapened the production process of historical films. Directors more and more often turned to the history of ancient Rome, works Hellenistic literature and world classics: Dante, Homer, Shakespeare, Schiller and Moliere. It will be difficult to name at least one broad a well-known literary or dramatic work that does not

The Finest Development

It would be filmed at that time in the development of the cinema. An appeal to ancient plots and the history of ancient Rome into a certain extent was due to events within the country. African the trip, which ended in failure, bothered the Italian bankers. They are made a lot of effort to make amends for the failure of these adventures, and prepared the country for war with Turkey. It is represented in her film by a popular dance that is both lascivious and restrained, to question the relationships between women and men? Among the Mexican successes of the nineties, let us quote the film of Jorge Fons, the Street of the miracles (el Calejón de los milagros, 1995) and the family comedy Coriander and parsley (Cilandro y perijil, 1998) of Rafael Montero.

About the Works of Mil Nubes

Mil nubes has been awarded multiple international awards and acclaimed in Mexico by critics as demanding as Jorge Ayala Blanco. The reception of the national public, on the other hand, was marked by disbelief.

Corazón del Tiempo makes use of this possibility and thereby becomes a particularly representative case of Mexican cinema today.