Finer Options for Easy House Buying

In this article you can read about the advantages and disadvantages of buying or renting a house. It depends on what you find important. There are financial and personal arguments for buying or renting a house. A visit to makes things easy for you.

The benefits of buying

A house for sale is yours. And it will stay that way (as long as you pay your monthly payments properly of course). That it is yours means that you can also adjust it to your own taste. They are the interior, the garden, a new kitchen. Everything is possible. I have clearly listed all the benefits below:

  • If nothing changes in interest rates, your monthly payments are stable.
  • Due to the low interest rates , you are currently cheaper to buy in the longer term.
  • It is an investment, because you build capital.
  • You can adjust the house to your own taste.

A down side to buying a house

There are of course also lesser sides to buying a house. If something breaks or gets dirty, you also solve this yourself. Every investment is a risk, just like a house. This is because interest rates can unexpectedly fall or rise, and therefore also your housing costs.

  • The house can be worth less, you make a loss on your investment (in the current market that is unlikely)
  • You are stuck to the house, moving becomes less easy
  • Maintenance of your home is your own responsibility

The benefits of renting

A rental house is mainly flexible. Do you want to have the opportunity to move quickly and easily because you might get a new job? Or are you not yet ready to invest in a permanent home? Then renting can be a good option. There are some advantages to renting a house:

  • The (major) maintenance is not for your account. The landlord arranges that.
  • You are entitled to rent protection according to the law. Because of this you cannot just be evicted from your house.
  • You are free to go wherever you want. You can often cancel a lease contract in the short term.

The disadvantages in renting?

A house that you rent is not yours. This gives you less freedom in adjusting the house. A major renovation will not take place (without consultation with the owner). These are the disadvantages of renting:

  • An annual rent increase
  • You need permission for everything you want to change at the house
  • Renting means throwing money away, buying means investing your money

You do not build up capital

From 1 July 2019, the annual rent increase for social rental housing may be increased by a maximum of 4.1% to 5.6%. There is no maximum in the free sector. That rent increase is something that many people are not waiting for. All in all, the financial picture of renting is not entirely cheap. The costs of renting are ‘wasted money’, because the money goes to the owner or landlord. Building up an investment is not possible for many tenants.

Buying or renting?

The trade-off between buying or renting therefore depends on your wishes and needs, but also on your wallet. Are you not ready for an investment yet? Then renting a house can be more pleasant for you. But do you need stability in terms of monthly payments and do you want to put your money in something instead of giving it away? Then can buy what are for you. Are you looking for a house to buy? Or do you already have a beautiful house in mind? Then call one of my advisors! They are happy to help you further.