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The Best of carpets with the Best Opportunities

The product with low density is softer, and it is better to choose it for bedrooms and children’s rooms. The carpet turns the space into a cozy and spiritual; with its help; you can divide the room into zones because the correct choice of its shape and size is an important criterion. For the best carpets, you can contact Empire Flooring today .

In order to determine the size of the carpet, you need to know what

For large rooms, choose one large carpet or several small ones. The length of the product should be measured, departing at least 0.5 m from the door, since this area is subject to constant pollution.

The furniture must either completely stand on the carpet, or not stand at all are there so that there is no imbalance. The size of the carpet should fit into other elements of the interior. The product without an ornament to the entire area of ​​the room will visually make the room larger.

Finished products in stores are usually offered in standard sizes: 1.2 m by 1.8 m; 1.5 m by 2.1 m; 1.8 m by 2.7 m; 2.4 m by 3 m; 2.7m by 3.6 m. But depending on the manufacturer’s country, the dimensions may be different; therefore, before buying a carpet product, you need to imagine where the carpet will lie and mark this place with masking tape. If there are difficulties with the choice of size – it is better to choose the one that is larger.

Floor Shape Use

Using the shape of the floor covering, you can visually adjust the room, focus on certain areas. There are classic square rectangular, round and oval models, as well as products of irregular shape. Therefore, when choosing the form of flooring, you should choose one that would match the shape of the room or furniture. The oval-shaped product will accentuate very well the furniture with soft lines, so you can easily achieve a visual balance in the interior.


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With the help of carpet, you can bring brightness, style, and uniqueness to your interior design. The carpet product can be chosen according to the color scheme of the room or in contrast to it. If there are many bright details and accents in the room, then it is better to stop your choice on a single-color carpet, because carpets with ornaments are always a bright accent that attracts all the attention to itself.

  • It is also better to choose monochromatic if there are drawings on the furniture or upholstery of the sofa or if you want to visually increase the area of ​​the room. Tips for choosing a carpet: The color should match the color of the furniture, but so that the furniture does not merge with the carpet, but is a slightly different shade, texture or the presence of the ornament. The color scheme of the product can repeat the color of the walls, curtains, tulle, or echo the picture, photo wallpapers or other decorative elements – the main thing here is not to overload the interior.