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On the occasion of the World Cup, many have checked how many sports fans there are around the world. It turned out that more and more. Soccer is not everywhere as popular as in Poland. Her traditional fans are Europe and Latin America. However, it turns out that the country in which the largest percentage of society interested in soccer are United Arab Emirates (80%). Another is Thailand (78%), Chile, Portugal and Turkey (75% each) and Mexico (73%). Poland, together with Italy and South Korea, takes the ninth place ex-aequo (67% of those interested). We are ahead of Spain and South Africa (70% each).

However, interest in soccer is also increasing in the United States. Although only about every third American declares interest in this discipline, four years ago it was 28 percent, so the increase amounted to 4 percentage points. With the arsenal vs bournemouth tickets, this is important.

Over 40% worldwide

Population above 16 years of age feels interested or very interested in this sport; the result is higher than in other disciplines. Interestingly, soccer is the sport that is the most popular among women, and the last study of Nielsen showed that as much as 70 percent. ladies consider the World Cup to be “very interesting.”

  • Soccer is the most popular sport in many countries in the world. Also, it is a sport that likes a lot of people. This is a discipline that every man in the world has heard about. Surely everyone watched many soccer matches too. The popularity of soccer is really exceptional.

Soccer – the most popular sport

Soccer is a sport that is able to provide fans with many emotions. It is thanks to them that so many people follow the actions of their favorite players and sports teams. Mostly, gentlemen are interested in soccer. There will also be women for whom soccer is an interesting sport, but they are undoubtedly in the minority. Many fans that are passionate about soccer have their favorite club. Very many of them go to the matches of their team, follow her actions in the league, or in various competitions.

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The ball is widely commented

Soccer is spoken everywhere and very extensively. Soccer matches are often shown on television. There are websites that are devoted only to this sport. On every information portal, you will surely find a corner for soccer fans. The biggest events related to soccer, such as the World Cup or the European Championships, are widely discussed in almost every television, newspaper, and radio. The biggest soccer events, especially the World Championships, make the whole world direct its gaze to stadiums and follow the actions of the world’s biggest stars and the best soccer teams.

Emotions rule. Soccer is a fascinating sport. It evokes a lot of emotions. His interest in him is incredibly huge and does not diminish at all. It is the emotions that this sport provides that make it so popular, and so many people keep track of its gameplay. It is a sport discipline that our grandparents and fathers were interested in, our children are interested in it, and soccer fans will probably be future generations.